Pretty Princess

When you date a photographer there are things you gain and things you loose. For instance your privacy is gone but you gain beautiful pictures of you in awkward poses.

There are times when I need stand ins to see what lens to use and where to shoot exactly. This particular June afternoon I needed to test out the field of flowers in city park. Kyle was not happy about posing with the daises but he did it anyway, and saved me hours of time when the acutaly day came for me to shoot there.


Larry the Lizard

I had this brief obsession with finding “weirdo’s” out on the street, and asking if I could take their picture and… 100% of the time they say yes!

This quirky fellow was one of my absolute favorites! I didn’t ask enough about him to be able to tell you more of a story unfortunately. All I know is that apparently he carries Larry the Lizard everywhere! I will tell you though, that I can spot awesomeness from a bazillion miles away, and this dude had “it”! Something I just can’t explain. I wanted to hang out with him all day, but I had to stay and take pictures of the skaters in the RedBull extreme sports show or whatever it was called.

I’ll post more photos of the weirdos and their stories in the days to come. Have a happy friday everyone!

New Era

I found myself here by accident. It wasn’t a road I needed to travel on. A one lane highway on my way to the BadLands. I stumbled upon this guy. I don’t know the story behind him, or anything other than the fact that he was HUGE and in the middle of fucking nowhere.


(Click the hyperlinks to view the work!)


  • Homeland Security – COVID commercial Director/DP/Editor
  • NOLA Ready- PSA sleeves up nola , Follow the food documentary Director/DP/Editor
  • Blind Kitchen – 8 episode TV series – Producer/Director/Editor/DP (not yet released) 
  • Historic New Orleans Collections- documentary Director/DP/Editor
  • Helis Foundation- commercial  “free days” -Director/DP/Editor
  • Tank and the Bangas & Friends- music video “what the world needs now” DP
  • The Inner Harbor Navigation Canal- PSA Director/DP/Editor
  • Sylvan Learning – Commercial  Director/DP/Editor
  • French Market – commercial Director/DP/Editor
  • Mardi Gras Documentary Director/DP/Editor
  • Downtown Development District – commercial “downtown heroes”  Director/DP/Editor
  • Split Second Foundation – documentary “jump” – Director/DP/Editor
  • NFL Network –  Features Editor 
  • “Business Council Of New Orleans” – Director/DP/Editor
  • Krispy Krunchy Chicken commercial  “boneless wings” Director/DP/Editor
  • Frontline- “Stick up kid” Camera
  • Helena Moreno campaign – “Ignite” “City Council” Director 
  • NOMA- sculpture garden grand opening  Director/DP/Editor
  • Documentary – Appleseed of New Orleans “Mr. Watson”
  • Panasonic- “Roll out Lumix GX85” Director of Photography
  • Al Jazeera America- Photojournalist
  • Very Local New Orleans – Content Creator “gene’s poboys” Director/DP/Editor  *Awarded best social media video  
  • Convention & Visitors Bureau of New Orleans- Director of Photography with 3.5 million views “What is Mardi Gras “ video
  • Syfy channel – “Hero’s of Costplay” – Camera
  • Documentary “NOLAbound” – Producer/Director
  • Documentary “Vigilante Vigilante”- Camera
  • Commercial “Arbors Estates Dream Home” – Director/Editor 
  • Odgen Museum– “Teen Docent” Producer/Director/Camera
  • Food Network- “BBQ Blitz” – Camera
  • Discovery- “Blackboard Wars” – Season 1, Camera
  • NBC Sports- “Super Bowl” – Camera
  • WE Networks- “Big Easy Brides”– Season 1, Camera
  • ABC’s -“The Chew” New Orleans – Camera
  • HBO’s- “Real Sports” – Camera
  • CBS Sports- “Final Four” – Camera
  • Fuse TV- ”Voodoo Experience” – 2010, 2011, Camera
  • NFL Network- “Total Access”- Camera
  • Inside Edition”- Camera
  • “America’s Most Wanted” – Camera
  • Entertainment Tonight”- Camera
  • CNN– “Newsroom”- Camera
  • ABC- “World News” – Camera
  • NBC -“Nightly News”, “Today Show”- Camera
  • Urban Land Institute-  Downtown New Orleans “Green Space” Documentary & “Ochsner Hospital” Documentary, Producer/Director/Camera
  • Disaster Relief Corporation Group –Haiti earthquake disaster, BP oil spill clean up efforts. Camera Operator/Editor
  • Helis Foundation – Still photography for entire website
  • Aveda- “Who is Aveda” – DP/Editor
  • Office of the Inspector General- “lead in your water” DP/Editor
  • Real Estate films- “24 hours in New Orleans  Meet Ariell  DP/Director/Editor
  • Photojournalist/ Special Projects Photographer – WDSU/NBC New Orleans
    October 2003 – May 2010
  • Shot & edited daily stories for newscasts. Traveled with the Saints NFL team to London, Seattle, Chicago, and Miami. Shot during and after Katrina for both NBC Network and WDSU. Worked with producers for long format informative stories. Shot, wrote and edited an ongoing year long documentary following a family of four as they struggled to rebuild after Katrina. These 5-minute long pieces aired once a week for a year on our special newscast.
  • Stage Manager/ Photographer- EDR Studios Cleveland Ohio
    September 2001- September 2003
  • Staff Photographer and responsible for building sets and for several shows; HGTV, Room by Room, Crafts for Kids, Gearheads, and America Quilts Creatively.


  • Best social media video – Press Club of New Orleans 2018
  • 1st Place Photography- Press Club of New Orleans 2006
  • 1st Place Photography- Press Club of New Orleans 2007
  • 1st Place Photography Feature- Associated Press 2007
  • 1st Place Photography- Associated Press 2008


I am a filmmaker, photographer, photojournalist, and muralist. I’ve dedicated my life to celebrating the spirit and culture of New Orleans. In 2010 I founded my film production company, Crista Rock Productions, to tell the stories and struggles of New Orleans and its surrounding parishes. Even before launching CRP, I was dedicated to telling the stories of New Orleans during my eight-year tenure as a photojournalist for WDSU. Filming during Hurricane Katrina with NBC Nightly News only strengthened my love for the city. My work is driven by my passion for New Orleans and it shows in every frame I shoot, paint, and edit.