Amber’s story

Hear from Amber as she relives moments from her life growing up trans and gay in New Orleans in the 80’s.

Dr. Avegno’s story

We hear from Dr. Avegno, the head of the New Orleans health department, on the Covid pandemic and how she kept the city safe.

Big Chief Demond’s Suit

A secret crew installed Big Chief Demond’s suit on top of Jefferson’s old podium for all to see on Mardi Gras day.

Sylvan Learning Commercial

Produced and Directed a commercial for Sylvan learning centers which provide personalized instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, homework support, and test preparation for college entrance and state exams.

Port Of New Orleans

The proposed $1.5 billion container terminal in Violet will meet changing industry needs, serve as a major economic catalyst in St. Bernard Parish, and keep Louisiana competitive with other U.S. ports.

Blind Kitchen Trailer

2 blindfolded chefs try to recreate the other chef’s dish after a very interesting blind taste test.